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Dillinger Hütte (Dillinger) is a part of the SHS Group (Stahl Holding Saar). Ancofer Stahlhandel GmbH as a subsidiary of Dillinger endorses the SHS Code of Ethics and acts accordingly.

For us compliance with the law is not just a legal obligation. Compliance with the law and adherence to our corporate values by the employees of the SHS Group is a rather central aspect of our corporate governance strategy. Our goal is to achieve high quality standards and economic success without compromising fair competition.

This goal is pursued and implemented through our Compliance Management System.

Reliable and concrete information about potential misconduct by our companies and their employees can help us to ensure compliance with the rules. Therefore, a whistleblower system has been introduced in our group of companies.
You will find all important information and documents on the website of SHS – Stahl-Holding-Saar:

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