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Corporate history

1950 Coutinho Eisenhandel GmbH, Düsseldorf is founded. It is a subsidiary of Coutinho, Caro & Co., Hamburg.
1953 The warehouse in Mülheim an der Ruhr is built.
1971 Halls 1 - 3 of the northern warehouse are built away from the former company premises (southern warehouse).
1983 Hall 4 of the northern warehouse is completed.
1987 The company is rebranded Ancofer Stahlhandel GmbH (AN=Andreas, CO=Coutinho, FER=Ferrum).
1988 The Usinor Sacilor Group acquires a majority shares of Ancofer.
1989 Ancofer acquires all shares of Friedrich W. Markmann GmbH. The flamecutting operations are installed in both of Markmann's halls.
1990 Halls 5 and 6 of the nothern warehouse and the office building are completed. The company moves to the Rheinstrasse.
1997 The public limited company of Dillinger Hüttenwerke acquires 90 % of Ancofer's shares from various companies of the Usinor Group.
2000 Two new bays are built for flamecutting operations.
2017 A new warehouse for plates is set up in Regensburg.
2017 Warehouse 4 is statically reinforned and equipped with a new indoor crane and a 25-tons unloading crane. The crane track on the dock is extended so that ships with up to 3,000 tons cargo capacity dan be unloaded.
2017 The public limited company of Dillinger Hüttenwerke acquires the last 10% of shares and now holds a 100% share of Ancofer.