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Heavy plate

The Ancofer name has been intimately linked to heavy plate for many decades. We have consistently grown market share in heavy plates since Dillinger Hütte became the principal shareholder.

As a heavy plate specialist, Ancofer supplies a broad spectrum of grades and formats. These range from ‘simple’ structural steels up to and including wear resistant, high tensile and offshore grades. The range includes both every day and out of the ordinary dimensions with plates available up to:

• 250 mm in thickness • 4,000 mm in width • 20,000 mm in length • 50 tonnes in weight

Mechanical and technological tests

  • Ultrasonic inspection
  • Charpy impact test
  • Weld bead bend test
  • Z-value (through thickness properties) tests
  • 3.2 third party acceptance inspection


  • Shot blasting as per SA 2.5 in Ancofer’s own shot blasting shop
  • Protective treatment to your requirements
  • Flame cutting to size in Ancofer’s own flame cutting shop
  • Drilling, edge treatment, turning, milling, weld edge preparation, welding