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Products and services: Flame cutting

There are lots of reasons to entrust the fabrication of heavy plate to highly experienced professionals who spend their lives cutting heavy plate:

  • No expensive training and certification for an underutilized skill,
  • no underutilization of machinery,
  • avoidance of production errors,
  • elimination of production risks due to lack of staff or machine failures, and
  • no scrap or waste


Ancofer began production of flame cut parts in 1975. Today, its flame cutting shop, with a working area of 8,500 m2, is one of Germany‘s largest and most productive. Ancofer‘s decades of know how, highly capable and experienced staff, and state of the art equipment are the customer‘s guarantee of consistently perfect results and short delivery times.

Our CNC flame cutting and plasma machines cut all the items in our heavy plate range, including the less common formats. Production of 600 mm thick flame cut parts, for example, is no problem. The same applies for exceptionally long and exceptionally wide flame cut parts.

  • Maximum width is 9 meters,
  • Maximum length 30 meters, and
  • Maximum load 50 tonnes

Mechanical and technological tests

  • Ultrasonic inspection
  • Charpy impact test
  • Weld bead bend test
  • Z-value (through thickness properties) tests
  • 3.2 third party acceptance inspection


  • Bevelling using two six-axle oxyfuel robots
  • Straightening on Ancofer’s three coordinate gantry press
  • Shot blasting as per SA 2.5 in Ancofer’s own shot blasting shop
  • Protective treatment (primering)
  • Drilling, turning, milling, edge preparation
  • Bending/ Rolling