Hollow sections

We have supplied hollow structural sections since 1990, and have grown into one of Germany‘s leading suppliers of cold formed and hot finished hollow sections.

Hollow sections are in many respects technically and aesthetically superior to the classic I-beam structural element. Hollow sections have displaced I-beams in a vast range of applications in recent decades.

Deciding whether to use cold formed or hot finished sections is not a question of principle, but depends on the application. We have 25 years of experience with both types over more than 800 different sizes.

The Ancofer hollow sections range


Standard lengths

  • Cut to the finest tolerances on our band saws 

Miter cuts

  • Up to 60 degrees in conformity with your drawings


  • Shot blasting as per SA 2.5
  • Protective treatment in accordance with your specification
  • Zinc plating
  • Laser machining